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Juna Tuazon

big head, big dreams

Sippin' Ducks

  • Packaging

A drinking card game based on the concept of being a “sitting duck” while during quarantine. Each card gives you/the group a challenge to do and if you fail you drink! It’s playful illustrations contrast the cheeky challenges and with its new and funny details on the ducks makes it more enticing to play

Happy Hour

  • Packaging

Set of coasters that promote ‘40s- ‘50s cocktail recipes for winter + summer season.
Design and concept is based on modern vintage design.


  • Publishing

Masque project began with two publication, a catalogue and process book. Throughout the catalogue and with research, created a catalogue of masks around the world and their significance in each culture.


  • Typography

Typeface design created to meld the 70’s psychedelic and modern aesthetic. Its purpose is to create a more interesting visuals on posters, album covers and many more!

Quick Chef

  • App Design

An app designed to help you create great meals with the ingredients you have at home with the ability to customize the results for any dietary restrictions you may have. With a built in ingredient list, save paper waste while preventing food waste and challenge yourself with new recipes!