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James Verscheure

Hey, I’m James, designer, colour enjoyer and all-around coffee monster. I enjoy exploring the medium of illustration work both real and digital and have an ever expanding interest in the fun ways you can push typography, as well as the craft of printmaking. Take a look around!

This is an illustration, that is a vector-based self-portrait that was created while on a work placement with Vantage Studios. On Instagram, they have been posting this style of self-portraits for their team members. As Interns, we made our own as part of the Vantage team.

Font Design

  • Typography

As part of Communication Design, we had the opportunity to take a crack at developing our very own font. Inspired by transitional serif fonts with the intent to straddle the feeling of 70s horror classics and the growing popularity of distorted typography. Twist is an all-caps font built for large display print. Lowercase will give you a clear and clean font, while uppercase will display the distorted characteristics. These features are made to be used interchangeably or in any way you see fit.