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Justin Robin

Hey there, great to meet you! I'm a designer with a passion for storytelling and illustration. Bring a deck of cards or some dice and we'll have a great time.

The Runaway Snowball

  • Publishing
  • Illustration

The Runaway Snowball is a story about a girl named Rosie who loves adventure and challenging the status quo. This book is about her journey to creating the town’s largest snowball and then quickly loses control of it as it rolls down the hill!

This project not only includes the book itself, but also a marketing campaign that would be used to promote it online and in stores. I am working to publish it and make it available for purchase in the near future.

FizzCo App & Website

  • Branding
  • App Design
  • Web Design

For this school project, I developed the UI for a retail app selling custom sodas mixed by the users. For this, I created a mock-brand complete with the logo, colours, themed imagery, and can designs. The app is then promoted by a single-page website that guides users to download it on their choice of software platform.

The design of the app and brand were inspired in part by existing soda companies like Coca-Cola, Jones, with the colour palette taking notes from the likes of Instagram and Starburst.

Tea Time Wallpaper

  • Illustration
  • Interior Design

The theme and colour scheme of this wallpaper design are directly inspired by the “Tea Story” shop in the Osborne Village in Winnipeg. Their interior features themes of 60’s design while also selling traditional teapots. This range of influences is reflected in the resulting pattern by featuring different shapes and line art within those coloured shapes.