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Mariola Jankowski

Hey, I'm Mariola,

I have a big love for plants, animals, and nature, which inspires my work. I mostly enjoy exploring and experimenting with illustration, incorporating it into other design projects. The work I enjoy the most besides illustrating is branding and motion graphics, which allows me to utilize problem-solving skills and create some cool stuff. Besides that, I enjoy pushing my skills in other areas and trying out new things.

Husaria is a blackletter typeface in the textura style. It borrows from the aesthetic qualities that were common with textura blackletters throughout history. The inspiration for this typeface originates from an appreciation of historic hand-lettering and calligraphy. As well as from the Gothic period of the European Medieval Age.

Żaba Stained Glass

  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Illustration

Żaba Stained Glass is a large branding project for what may one day be my own stained glass studio. I had picked up working with stained glass as a hobby and used it to inspire this term long project. The name Żaba comes from the work frog in Polish and the whole brand is centred around a nature.